Jigsaw Australia and auticon Partner to Boost Employment Opportunities for People on the Spectrum

Nov 7, 2020

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with auticon, an IT consulting business and social enterprise that exclusively employs adults with autism, to boost employment opportunities for people on the spectrum. Together we have constructed a training and development program that will see successful candidates become IT consultants within the auticon talent pool.

Josh Braico Jigsaw Trainee now employed at auticon

The 12-month, 5-step pilot program will commence in Jigsaw and finish with five full-time IT consultants securing work in cybersecurity, testing and software engineering projects in some of Australia’s most prestigious companies.

A critical success driver for this program is that it not only seeks to find employment for people on the autism spectrum, but it delivers job readiness training, against a framework of 20 employment competencies, in order to achieve long-term, sustainable employment outcomes.

“We need to focus our efforts on building innovative models to connect people with disability with meaningful mainstream employment,” says Paul Brown, CEO of Jigsaw Australia. “To do this, we need to be hands-on in providing valuable experiences and integrating people with disability into the workplace.”

“Almost one-third of the people on the NDIS are on the autism spectrum. This pilot program offers a model for significant future growth in employment opportunities for autistic people right across the country. We look forward to rolling this model out to our hubs in Sydney, Brisbane, and soon to be Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.”

Josh Braico, who is currently training in the Jigsaw Academy, is working towards being one of the first apprentices on the program.

“I’ve found it difficult to get a start in the workforce, so the training offered by Jigsaw and working with an employer like auticon, who understand autism, offers an amazing opportunity.”

We look forward to sharing outcomes with our community over the next 12 months.

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Jigsaw is located in Sydney and Brisbane, with Melbourne and Adelaide coming soon. 

Learn more about becoming a participant at Jigsaw here or contact us on 1300 166 734.