Online Employment Training

Jigsaw’s online training program supports people with disability to prepare for mainstream employment. The program, consisting of 29 employment competencies and is designed to provide individuals with the soft skills to find and maintain an award wage job. The program consists of a variety of trainer-led group and one-to-one sessions, leveraging video conferencing technology, alongside self directed study in our e-learning platform to support individuals to reach their employment goals.

Our online training program was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring us to pivot our services to an online model in order to meet the necessary social distancing and self-isolation requirements. Originally intended to service our existing, office-based participants, we quickly realised that due to a number of services closing down and the need for people to be staying home that there was a broader demand for online employment training. We’ve come to recognise that our online training platform means people with disability outside Jigsaw’s catchment can access the comprehensive employment training program we have developed to prepare them for the mainstream work environment.

Our Employment Training Program

Jigsaw’s program is based on the comprehensive Government framework of employment competencies. This framework is used by both corporate and Government organisations to assess employees applying for vacancies. Jigsaw has taken each of these competencies and developed 20 comprehensive training modules including communication, accountability, focus, problem-solving and many more. In addition to this we have a further 9 training modules based around accessing employment opportunities in the mainstream. Each participant is allocated an experienced trainer that oversees their learning. This trainer-led, tailored program utilises personalised schedules to keep students on track.

Funding The Program

Participants can access Jigsaw’s online training program via NDIS funding categories including School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), Finding and Keeping a Job or Core Supports or alternatively we accept full fee-paying participants.

Who Can Apply To Attend?

Jigsaw’s online training program is available to any person with disability across Australia that needs training and support to find and maintain a job in the mainstream.

It is important to note you must have an internet enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc) with a camera to fully engage in the training program. If you do not have any of the required equipment please reach out to Jigsaw to discuss.