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Jigsaw Melbourne information session – online

“70% of people with disability lose their job after 3 months.”


Jigsaw is working to change this startling and unacceptable statistic through its unique approach to training, work experience and supported transition to open employment. Our critically acclaimed end-to-end model has already gathered support from the disability industry, Government and corporate Australia, especially in light of the findings of the Disability Royal Commission.

Jigsaw is currently in Sydney and Brisbane and will be opening in Abbotsford, Melbourne in June, 2021.

Interested in finding out more about joining our innovative pathway to open employment?

Join our online information to find out:

  • How and why Jigsaw has revolutionised training and long-term employment opportunities for people with disability
  • More about our model and what makes it so successful
  • Who will benefit from joining Jigsaw
  • About our fantastic new Melbourne location and plans for opening

Date: Tuesday June 1

Location: Online

Times: 12.30 – 1.30pm OR 6.30 – 7.30pm

To register fill in the form below. Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation with the link for attendance.