Jigsaw Digital case study: Allianz

Jun 1, 2022 | Digital

The challenge.

Allianz goals:

  • Increase capacity to process insurance claims
  • Provide training and job opportunities for people with disability

Allianz is one of the world’s largest insurers and has been supporting customers in Australia for over 100 years. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and disruption, the Allianz team needed to increase the number of temporary employees supporting the processing of insurance claims.

In engaging Jigsaw, Allianz were looking for a committed, reliable team with the ability to come up-to-speed quickly, and available at reasonably short notice. The team provided support to process a high volume of claims and clear backlogs.

Allianz case study image: Jigsaw Digital logo top left. Allianz logo top right. Underneath is a photo of six members of the Allianz team, 4 males and 2 females.

“It was an opportunity for me to pilot a business-focused solution which would help our customers but also provide a real-life job experience for neurodiverse people.”

Glenn Slater

Senior HR Business Partner, Allianz

The solution.

The 37-strong Jigsaw team has been working on a backlog of “CAT” motor and property insurance claims (claims resulting from catastrophic events such as storms, fires and floods). In particular, the Jigsaw team has been:

  • Closing motor assessment reports
  • Closing follow up assessment report diaries
  • Adding catastrophe codes and amending claims


The results.

The Jigsaw team successfully cleared the backlog of pending motor insurance claims and continued to produce impressive results. Each time there was a catastrophic event, Jigsaw trainees were able to clear the claims. Over a three-day window in February 2022, the team was able to code a total of 1,458 catastrophe claims for property damage. 

Within the first two weeks of managing the assessment reports for us, the Jigsaw team did all the reports that came in on a daily basis, which was absolutely amazing.” 

Gina Stander

Team Manager, Motor Key Partner Complex Team, Allianz

    The future.

    The initial 8-month contract that Allianz signed with Jigsaw in April 2021 has been extended until the end of 2022, and expanding the partnership from the motor insurance department to other areas of Allianz’s business is in progress.

    Glenn Slater is positive that the work between Jigsaw and Allianz will expand naturally, given the intended, and unintended business benefits – some new customers even signed up with Allianz when they heard about their social procurement with Jigsaw. “It solved a real life business issue, and it’s really benefiting our customers. It produced a ripple effect where it positively impacted our people and even customer operations, and it’s getting more and more traction.”


    “I am proud of what I’ve achieved with Allianz – it’s made me very optimistic for my own future.”

    Joel Body

    Trainee, Jigsaw

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