The future of inclusive employment…shaped by you

Jigsaw is a social enterprise that trains and transitions people with disability into award wage employment.

We believe in creating a world where workers living with a disability are given the best opportunities to be themselves; where Australia leads the world in training, education and business; and where government and society see people with disability as vital contributors, not obstacles.

So, join our team to help us take real action to create this world – by getting people living with disability in on the action.

Our benefits include:

A passionate, inclusive, creative culture

Purpose centred work

Salary packaging options

Ongoing professional development

We’re currently recruiting for the following roles:

Digital Senior Trainer – Adelaide

The Senior Trainer (Digital) is responsible for supporting Trainees with their day to day-to-day activities, consisting of training and work experience, to meet and exceed their employment goals. The Senior Trainer is responsible for ensuring Jigsaw Digital contracts are completed in line with pre-established procedures and processes.

Find out more about our Trainer (Support Worker) roles!

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More questions? Read our Trainer FAQs before reaching out to our HR team. Click here.

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Read about a day in the life of Adelaide Trainer, Laura. Click here.


Interested in joining the Jigsaw team?

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Check the FAQs below about our Trainer roles to see if your question has been answered. Please note you must have the right to work in Australia.

Jigsaw Trainer (Support Worker) FAQs

What is a Trainer?

In the Jigsaw model, a Support Worker is known as a Trainer. The primary responsibility of a Trainer is to support our trainees (individuals with disability who join our Academy program) with their day-to-day activities.

Trainers build relationships with our trainees based on mutual respect; they become a mentor and play an essential role in enabling our trainees to reach their mainstream employment goals and feel confident in the workplace.

Read Laura’s blog called ‘A day in the life of a Jigsaw Trainer’ to find out more.

What are the key accountabilities of a Trainer role at Jigsaw?

Support trainees in their daily activities. This includes:
> Delivery of one-to-one and group-based training to deliver Jigsaw Academy’s framework of 20 core soft skills (for example, teamwork and professional communication).
>Support trainees to put their skills into practice through work experience within our commercial business, Jigsaw Digital.
>Support trainees at mealtimes and with personal care, if required (full training is provided by Jigsaw).

Administration. This includes:
>Write detailed notes in our CRM to record and track support delivered to trainees.
>Complete all internal and external training required (as advised by the Training Manager) to be fully equipped to provide support to Jigsaw Trainees.

Maintaining the safety and professionalism of the Jigsaw environment. This includes:
>Promote and role model appropriate behaviour to support Jigsaw’s culture, business performance and reputation.
>Adhere to all health and safety policies and procedures of Jigsaw. Take all reasonable care to ensure that your teams, and your actions or omissions, do not impact the health and safety of others.
>Ensure the environment is supportive, respectful, professional, fun, and safe at all times.

All Jigsaw employees work collaboratively and individually to kick goals and overcome challenges daily.

Do I need to have prior experience as a Support Worker to become a Jigsaw Trainer?

Not always. We have a variety of Trainer (Support Worker) jobs available, some of which require experience. However, regarding many of our Trainer roles, we are simply looking for passionate, inclusive and creative individuals who will bring a commitment to our values – we’ll then invest in developing your skills!

Will I receive training to do the job?

Our Trainers complete a range of online and in-person training modules to ensure they are confident in the skills required to succeed in this role. This initial training takes place over the first few weeks of your employment and will continue on an ad-hoc basis as required.

Is it a casual or permanent role?

We have a mix of permanent part-time and casual roles available. For our more established hubs in Sydney and Brisbane, we have a preference for permanent part-time. For a full list of our current roles available, click here.

Is it paid at an award wage?

Yes, Jigsaw pays our Trainers in line with the labour market assistance award:
Casual Trainers are paid at Employment Services Officer grade 1 = $33.65; and permanent part-time Trainers are paid at Employment Services Officer grade 2 = $28.96.

Is there career progression available?

Yes! In each hub, we have an established staff structure to ensure each role is well supported. We have Trainers, Trainer Leads and a Training Manager in each hub within the Academy pillar of our business. So, we have roles in the business with more responsibility and there is scope for career progression for competent, passionate and ambitious Trainers.

There are also interstate opportunities. Jigsaw now has hubs in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, with plans to open in Canberra. Click here for a full list of available jobs in all our hubs.

In addition, Jigsaw is proud to be part of the Fighting Chance group. We have roles available at Fighting Chance and in our other social enterprises, Avenue, Plus and Base. Check out the jobs available through the Fighting Chance work with us page here.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Jigsaw is passionate about investing in our employees, by providing:

  • A dynamic, inclusive, creative culture
  • Competitive pay and a salary packaging option, which allows employees to access a proportion of their income before tax
  • Ongoing online and face-to-face training as required for the role
  • Access to Jigsaw’s Employee Assistance Program, which is a confidential counselling and support service to help employees deal with personal or work-related problems in a positive way.
  • Opportunities for career progression within Jigsaw or the Fighting Chance group

Jigsaw is a social enterprise empowered by Fighting Chance.

Fighting Chance builds social businesses to create a truly inclusive economy, where people with disability have unbridled access to opportunity, dignity and prosperity.

We work with people with disability to identify the barriers they face in their everyday lives and then design, build and empower sustainable social businesses to bridge these gaps.

We ask ‘WHAT IF?’ – to imagine and build a future quite different to the present, where people with disability experience limitless social and economic inclusion. Click here to find out more about Fighting Chance. For other jobs within the Fighting Chance group, click here.