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We are a social enterprise offering competitive digitisation, information management and other business services (via social procurement) whilst implementing an innovative pathway to employment for people with disability.


Employ people with disability via Jigsaw Connect


 We help organisations engage job seekers with disability. Jigsaw Connect candidates have graduated from our employment pathway and demonstrated the skills, experience and confidence to be truly job-ready. We support your business and your new hire for the long-term, to ensure success.


Diverse workplaces are good for business, good for individuals and good for society. But Australia lags behind the rest of the developed world in disability employment – missing out on the potential $50bn that workers with disability could add to GDP by 2050.

Employers no longer need convincing of the benefits of hiring people with disability, however systemic challenges are holding them back. More than 50% of Australian managers have never hired or worked with a person with disability, and 71% have faced too many barriers when trying to do so.


With Jigsaw, you can overcome these barriers and harness the power of a truly inclusive workforce.

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Social procurement through Jigsaw Digital

Outsource your digitisation, information management, remote admin or other business services requirements to Jigsaw. You will be creating social outcomes whilst meeting your business needs.

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Building your disability-confidence

Start on your journey to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Through our unique work trial model, you can build your business’ capacity to support employees with disability.

Employing people with disability through Jigsaw Connect

More than 70% of job placements made through government Disability Employment Services end in failure, because candidates are placed before they are truly job-ready and do not receive adequate support.

All Jigsaw candidates have proved themselves against 20 core work skills and through paid work experience putting these skills into action. We support both you and your new hire for the long-term to ensure the placement succeeds – which is why 91% of people employed or placed into jobs by Jigsaw retain their employment to this day.

Read the stories of our successful graduates Sarah, Britt L and Britt V.

Preview our talent pool.

We have over 150 satisfied clients across sectors including government, health, education, mining, banking, insurance, legal, professional services, energy and franchise networks.

Client testimonials.

BT Financial Group

“The team from Jigsaw were really easy to do business with. They were thorough and scanned to a high standard whilst treating all information stored electronically with the utmost privacy. I would recommend them to any business looking to go digital

Ben Addrick
BT Financial Group

Northern Beaches Council

“Jigsaw’s work is comparable in cost and quality to any other company that specialises in the provision of scanning services, with the added benefit of assisting members of the community who may otherwise find it difficult to gain employment.

Chris Wilson
Northern Beaches Council

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